Scott's MD-PhD Adventure

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Oh Tim

6:14:49 PM Tim: scott!
6:15:04 PM me: tim!
6:15:16 PM Tim: 1. i just erased your phone # by accident. what is it?

Friday, March 30, 2007


I heard today on NPR News & Notes that one of my faves Julianne Malveaux was named President of HBCU Bennett College.

I think most people have heard the slogan "The Blacker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice."

Until this morning however, I had never heard "The Blacker the College, the Sweeter the Knowledge."

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cmd + Opt + L = Orgasm

Mike made me get Bibdesk.
This weekend, Mike helped me figure out how to use PubMed with Bibdesk via Medline.
Now, all I do is select it all, and type Cmd+Opt+L in Bibdesk. It fills in the rest.

Dawkins v. Collins

Fresh Air:

Dawkins (athiest scientist)
Collins (evangelical scientist)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Red Eye Things Today

New Olive-themed Bar Evil Olive.

Lamb is back in style!
West Town Tavern yummy.

Lily Allen is coming back to the Vic on Wed 5/23! :) On sale this week!

Peanut Butter Time

This might be the funniest video I've ever seen.

You better call Tyrone

Today's News&Notes podcast had a story about a book on black masculinity called Deconstructing Tyrone, which someone needs to buy me ASAP! :)
There's even a blog about it! That's some good publicity.

Time to be cool

I'm cool again!

The Washington Post says so!

"Long before the iPod or Razr, the calculator watch was the techno status symbol. A re-creation of the '80s timepiece by Paul Frank has retro graphics and an oversize face that make this trusty companion of the pocket-protector set look cool all over again."

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Train home = late, but great

Well, of course the train was 40+ minutes late. But to make up for it, I think the woman behind me was seated there just for me. ;)

I typed as she talked on her phone...

"Girl what am I gon' do wif you? You is grown Britney! You grown! I can't believe you waited till I was bout to leave to tell me this. I oughta knocked you down a flight!"

"You know what? Yo daddy is deranged! Look at Jaleesa's daddy. He aight. You gotta think about my grandbaby. Nahhzel is fo' now and he needs someone to play wif."

"Regardless of el retardo and all that shit you got over there, you best find out about child support. You know he can't ah-furd it but you best ask for it anyway."

"Mm hmm I come back in two weeks...You just lemme get some money so I can pay my rent and then I'll be back."

"Oh no! I gotta go talk to yo' daddy. He's callin me! You know...I ain't talk to him since you grown up, I really don't wanna talk to him now!"

(to Britney's Daddy) "Listen up. Britney waited till I left to tell me that she was pregnant by this maniac. She got this man who don't wanna be around. She said 'momma don't tell nobody', and I said 'Lemme hurry up and get off the phone so I can call Henry!' I don't know what to do with my child Henry! What you gonna do with your child?!?"

Monday, March 26, 2007

Amtrak Redbaggers

The Amtrak train down to STL was pretty benign, but it did feature a family of Redbaggers*, who clearly had gone up to Chicago just to visit AGP. Ugh.

The one little girl was running up and down the aisle, here I caught her peering around her seat diagonally in front of me.
But the worst was the one who could have been Isabelle-y on Weeds.

*Redbaggers is Julian's superfab term for families/girls who shop at American Girl Place. They then walk around Michigan Avenue with their giant red bags, giant dolls, and giant asses in giant pants.
Ew their fucking site has a doll hospital. That's disgusting.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Keep your eye on these guys

Steven Cohen!

Mike and I are chilling in St. Louis at Itai's Favorite...Kayak's coffee. I'm reading journal articles with my Ipod on while Mike is doing poli sci analysis with his professor, Brian, on two laptops.

I see this guy walk in with 2 others and think "oh shit, he looks like Steven Cohen, I wonder if it's him?"

He sees Mike, walks over, and says "Hey, I know you...Steven Cohen" as he shakes Mike's hand. Then he turns to me and says "Hey, how are you?"
He then proceeds to introduce himself to Brian, asks what we're all up to.
"Just doing work."
He stands around and then asks in 5 different ways "So how are you guys? How are things going?" as we try to get back to work. He interrupts their working and says to Brian "Hey, he's a smart guy" with the business guy cha-ching point. Brian nods, half-annoyed.

Then we get re-introduced to Val, who coincidentally is visiting her boyfriend here, and he tells us he is in town for some Hillel LGBT so they met up. He continues standing around, awkwardly, telling me he's in Boston for grad school. For no good reason, he compliments my shoes ("Hey...nice shoes man"), which weren't that exciting.

Lastly he is called away, so of course has to say to "Sorry, gotta go. Good to see you. Brian, keep your eye on these guys."


Monday, March 19, 2007

Get out my space

Finally talked to the parents tonight after they were away for 4 days. Here are some highlights:

Mom: We were in Palm Springs for softball. There are lots of gay people there. They have money too. We see them walking down the street. Some couples were two men, or we saw two lesbians. They have expensive cars. Your dad saw a $300,000 Bentley.
Dad: It was 260!

Mom: Your dad's team did good. There's a Mexican on the team. His name is Ramón. He hit a few home runs. I told him he was 'muy cool' and he said 'gracias.'

Mom: Did you watch the Oscars?
Me: Yes
Mom: You know, your dad was mad when you mentioned how [your childhood friend] contacted you on myspace. He said 'why do people post personal information on the internet?!' But then Ellen said she had a thing on the myspace, so I said 'Jerry, Ellen has one, it's ok.'
Dad: I don't like it.
Mom: Well, I looked you up. I had to go through a bunch of [full name] to get to you! So I want to know...why didn't you tell us you were an athiest?
Me: Um, it didn't really come up? It wasn't a sudden realization.
Dad: Is it cause of the science?
Me: Well, that's part. It comes from being a young intelligent and rational person.
Mom: Well, we weren't religious, but we wanted you to learn Jewish history and culture, that's why we sent you Hebrew school.
Me: Right, I did. And I know it. And I do Jewish things. That doesn't mean I have to believe in God.
Mom: Ok, well we know it's up to you. I saw Mike was too!
Me: Um, yes. You figured out how to find him on there?
Mom: Yes. And how come the picture is you dancing with a black girl?
Me: Ugh, whatever. She's an MD-PhD too.

I think I crushed their souls.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Listen Up

Two NPR things definitely worth listening to:

Short & Sweet:
Black Woman comments on Anna Nicole Smith...if she was black, would we care?

Longer & Very Good:
Author of book on how doctors make decisions

Lili Music of the Day

Lili's sunday music today...
Chinese dance music
Instrument that sounds like piano being tuned
Instrumental version of "The Greatest Love of All"


Word of the Day

Rental office women are such whores.

Andrew and I went to see a place, and the woman who showed us around complained that the lines outside were too long so she didn't get anything to eat.
"Ugh, the lines are so long. I haven't left the building. I'm sooooo gaunt. You know, I don't think I've eaten anything in 12 hours, which is why I'm sooooo gaunt."

At Eric's pre-drinking Saturday night, he explained his philosophy in how he gets an Outstanding from his residents.
"I looked at my eval, and I had some proficients and just very goods. I needed excellents, and I'm obsequious. I asked my resident what was up with that, and told him to fix it. He did it, because I was obsequious." I think he said obsequious ~18 times.

Fuck off

Oh, the joys of the L on St. Patrick's Day...
Andrew & I got on at 3:30PM to go get bagels. There were tons and tons of drunk quasi-frat boys in green all over downtown. Our car reminded me of Later Gator. Here are the stories:

Guy 1: Hey guy, you're old. Are you a cop?
Old guy: No
Guy 1: Yes you are. What's the officer, problem? Hahaha!

Guy 2: Why the fuck is there a tootsie roll in my mouth? (he put it there a minute before)
Guy 1: Does it have ecstasy in it?
Guy 2: If it did, I'd be having a much better time!

Guy 1: Dude, let's go get pizza!
Guy 2: No way
Guy 1: When we get off we're going to get pizza!
Guy 2: How about we get you some pizza, with an extra slice of FUCK OFF!

Spoke too soon

Juan was discussing last night how he needs to find a guy/friend with benefits. I suggested he look online, cause it's not that bad.

Today I went to lab, and signed onto between experiments cause I was bored.

belmontlakeshore> hi
Me> hi
belmontlakeshore> u looking
Me> nope sorry
belmontlakeshore> damn wish u were an escort

Maybe I spoke too soon.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Trash ^4

So I'm eating lunch in the suite with Senta, and after I eat my banana, I walk up to go throw it away. I pause...
"Senta, why are there 4 trash cans in the same spot?"
"I don't know. Whatever"
"No really, stop looking at your laptop and turn around."
"Oh my god! That's hilarious!"
And we couldn't stop laughing.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Department of Fire

Lili quotes/stories of the day...

For Trivia Friday, I used bits from the Slate Explainer "Why did Britney shave her head?" bit

Lili: She is crazy! Why does she still have the fan?
Lili: The Asians, they see her when she was pregnant on the ad at bus stop. They do not want to see her BELLY!
Lili: After I come to this country, I know Americans are not all like that. In China, we know Americans Britney Spears, J.Lo., and Celine Dion.

Later, on Chinese food...

Lili: Tonight, I am going with my friend to this restaurant that has the potsticker. They are hand made, so the edge is not too thin or not too thick. The machine makes it like that sometimes.
Me: I was at Little Three Happiness last weekend for amazing Mandarin food.
Lili: Oh, you should go to the Moon restaurant...Shanghai moon. They have the food that is sweet but not too sweet. It is near the Department of Fire.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Wild Hogs

So, this movie looks awful.
Michael Slezak, the EW homo writer who loves Ugly Betty and Fantasia, has started a new column: "I saw it, so you don't have to!" He watched the movie and quasi-reviewed it. I think it's worse than I originally thought. Oh, it's #1 movie too.

Friday, March 02, 2007

I <3 Wikipedia

4:03:31 PM Me: is what i'm reading about hehe
4:05:59 PM Mike: and here's what i'm doing
4:06:00 PM Mike: