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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dem Cookies!

Been a while since last post. Oops.

So, while my residential building has no door person, in winter I walk through the long main floor to exit closer to the L, and there's a security desk at the front. Mon-Fri mornings, there are two super nice and friendly black women, who always say hello and how are you and have a good day. They're way nicer than everyone else who works there. I don't know their names.

(There was an episode of Ugly Betty when Mo'nique played the night person at the desk normally occupied by Amanda. Her name on the show was L'Amanda.)

During winter break, I was leaving to go to lab on the 24th, and asked the L'Amandas if they would be working tomorrow. "Of course!" they replied, so I said I'd bring them some cookies. Mike had made these chocolate chile cookies, and Roberta had given me some homemade rugulach, which were ok but the texture was off, imo. So I made a little plate and brought them some of each, and was greeted with "that's so nice" and "you are so sweet."

The next day I got a "who made dem cookies!" and I said "uh...uh...I made the chocolate ones and my...uh...grandmother made the others" They really liked the rugulach.
Every day for a couple weeks, I would get a "Hey chef!" or "Tell yo' granmomma I'm still thinking bout dem cookies!"

Mike and I brought them some Obama logo cookies which we made for the inauguration. They were very excited. This inspired many more morning greetings of "How you doin' Mr. chef?" and the like after the initial post-cookie day comments on how good they were.

Last monday, I brought even more cookies, cause I had made way too many butterscotch chip cookies to use them up. Tuesday I got a "Those cookies was off the CHAIN! Keep on doin' what you do!" Wednesday was "Hey chef! How dem cookies doin?" Thursday, she instructed the vacuuming man to "Move out the way and let the chef through!"

Dem cookies make me happy on so many levels. :)


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