Scott's MD-PhD Adventure

Monday, July 20, 2009


I brought my parents a jar of Speculoos via Mike-Paris. My mother tried some and offered mini-spoonfuls to her friends on Saturday night. My dad had decided it was too late for him to eat when she did this.

Tonight, my phone rings during our dinner, but I didn't get to it in time so I called back right away...

Mom: Scott?
Me: Yes
Mom: Why are you calling me?
Me: You called me.
Mom: I know! But you didn't answer.
Me: Right, so I'm calling you back.
Mom: But I'm leaving you voicemail
Me: Ok, so, what?
Mom: I had to tell you, that thing you brought, I had some tonight on my ice cream. Boy was it good!
Me: Good
Mom: I had some non-fat chocolate ice cream, and I put some of the stuff on it. It was delicious. But you didn't tell me it has nuts in it.
Me: It doesn't
Mom: Really?! Are you sure?
Me: Yes, are you sure it wasn't a cookie chunk?
Mom: No! It was an almond
Me: Ok
Mom: Oh! Shit! I bet I had your dad's ice cream! Yes! He has chocolate almond fudge!
Me: Ok
Mom: Well, it was really good!
Me: I'm glad you enjoyed it
Mom: And, get this. Are you sitting down? Your father tried some at 6!
Me: Haha.
Mom: I said, Jer, you have to try this, it's so good!
Me: He hadn't had any?
Mom: Well, we kept opening it too late. But I told him to just taste a little bit. He said he will definitely have some on his ice cream tomorrow!
Me: Ok
Mom: That's it!
Me: I'm glad you both enjoyed it.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fashion Advice

Yesterday, I was wearing a striped polo shirt and plaid shorts. My mother asked why I was mixing patterns.

Today, I put on a navy polo shirt with light blue horizontal stripes, and solid unpatterned chocolate brown paper,denim&cloth shorts.

Dad: Is that what you're wearing tonight?
Me: Huh?
Dad: You're wearing that?
Me: Would you prefer I wore an oversized softball shirt and athletic shorts? Like you wore to a restaurant yesterday?
Dad: I'm not wearing that tonight!
Mom: Scott, I already told him what to wear tonight.

*A few minutes later*

Grandma: Scott, are you changing before tonight?!
Me: Jesus, what is wrong with this outfit? Am I missing something?
Grandma: Well, you clash more than you should. Blue and brown aren't my favorite color combination.
Me: Um, they're fine.
Grandma: Would it kill you to have a light colored shirt with those shorts, maybe something like a yellow if you have it?
Me: I think I'm good thanks.


It's getting hot in here

Back in AZ, visiting parents, so have some blogworthy stuff.

Dad: *shouting over ESPN guy shouting* You can sit out here!
Me: (in the bedroom, with the ceiling fan on) It's loud. And hot.
Dad: It's not hot out here!
*30 seconds later*
Dad: Val, it's cool.
*40 seconds later*
Dad: Val, why does he think it's hot? It's not hot!
Mom: Cause he does Jer.
Dad: Is it hot? Do you think it's hot?
Mom: Well, I don't feel hot, but he does.
*1 minute later*
Dad: Scott, you can sit out here! It's not hot!