Scott's MD-PhD Adventure

Friday, February 29, 2008

Eric's Favorite Building

I saw this ad on the L for the Thompson Center "mall." The Thompson Center is, after all, Eric's favorite building.

mmmmmmm "ambience" - it's always the reason I choose where I shop.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lost In Translation

While home sick on Monday, I finally watched and enjoyed Lost In Translation. The whole "Lip my stockings!" bit was amazing.

Today at Grand Rounds, one of the presenters was a senior Japanese MD/PhD student. Their talk was on HPV, Cervical Cancer, and the vaccine.

It featured some great engrish moments, including, on one slide, "Does booster necessary?" and on another slide on a patient's history "Sexual Debut - Age 14." The M1s were confused as if this was the standard way to describe when someone lost their virginity, and I said no, it was just lost in translation.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I love Slate

The Life Cycle of an Internet Meme
Feb. 14: Barack Obama was your new bicycle.
Feb. 16: Hillary Clinton was decidedly not.
Feb. 17: John McCain tried to get in on the joke.
Feb. 17: Ron Paul made it weird.
Feb. 17: Michelle Obama made it annoying.
Feb. 18: Steve Jobs made it jump the shark.
Feb. 19: It all went meta.

(Click the links for links)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Best Surprise Ever! With sparkles!

4:39pm missed call while at gym from Lili.

4:55pm I return call back at lab. Lili is down the hall and comes to visit!

5:00pm - 5:30pm (highlights)

Lili: Hi!
Me: Hi! Why are you here!
Lili: I had tried to sublease, but the people, they send the check which is false. Or they do not want the credit check. So my husband, he say just pay the rent for 3 months. So I come to take care of that.
Me: Ugh that sucks. How is Boston?
Lili: It is very good! My husband, he drops me off at train station, and I take that to the lab.
Me: Ah. Have you driven around Boston? I'm sure it's crazy.
Lili: Yes! I have seen 5 accidents already!
Me: Yeah, Boston drivers are insane, and I remember they honk at you a lot.
Lili: Many of the street, they are one lane. The speed is 30, if you do not go 40, they will either honk you, or if you cannot increase, they will pass you on left or right!
Me: Ha.

Me: So couldn't you just submit your sublease check by mail? I'm not sure why you came back?
Lili: Well, I also bought the condo [one being built in S Loop] with my husband years ago. I was supposed to close today, but I cannot because of the sparkle system.
Me: What?
Lili: They said the sparkle is not ready. Do you know what the means?
Me: Um, sparkle?
Lili: S-P-A-R-K-L-E .
Me: Is that a brand of security? *googles Sparkle Security*
Me: I don't see it. What did they say the problem was?
Lili: They said the sparkle is not upgraded, so I cannot go inside.
Me: Are you sure it wasn't the sprinkler system?
Lili: What is that?
Me: *points up* The water that comes in on in case of fire. I'm sure if that's not ready and working, they won't let people move in.
Lili: Oh! I know that. Maybe that is what they mean.
Me: *struggles to suppress smile* Probably.


Chili News Network

Oh good! Here I was thinking we wouldn't have any major campaign news until the Tuesday Wisconsin vote. Silly me.

Clinton campaign gets chili to go

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Obama links

A few people have asked why I'm voting for Obama. Or passive aggressively insinuated I don't have a good reason. So, here are a collection of things I've read, mostly for me to refer back to and copy/paste to others later. (and to be updated whenever I get around to it)

Original Sullivan piece in the Atlantic
Sullivan post-Super Tuesday analysis

The Nation

WSJ Editorial from The Ladies
Obama doesn't take lobbyist money, has no lobbyists working for campaign.

Obama actually leads pledged delegates.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I had to call Lili today to clear up an experimental protocol.

Me: How was the drive?
Lili: Roads were ok.
Me: You got there in a reasonable amount of time?
Lili: We left on Saturday. We drove for 24 hours. We got in on Sunday.
Me: Weren't you tired?
Lili: It was ok. We have to stop somewhere and get some nap!

I miss her!