Scott's MD-PhD Adventure

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bird Chlamydia

So last week our really really gay microbiology professor ("sssssspeciessssss" and "sssstrainsssss") gave a lecture on chlamydia. it featured the obvious stuff, and a few rarer sssspeciessss of chlamydia including C. psittaci which he said "all you need to know for the exam is it is associated with birds and causes a pneumonia."

Today we learned differential diagnosis. Listing all of the problems for a patient and coming up with possible causes. Well this one patient had cold & chest problems - cough with brown sputum and chest discomfort. A few other symptoms too. In the history, he had a pet tarantula and parakeet. So I shouted "bird chlamydia!" We laughed, then checked our notes on the bacteria, and a few of the symptoms fit. But the instructor didn't have the actual diagnosis written down.

In path, we learned about more bacteria and fungi. At the end of the lecture, the woman tells us a story of some old lady who went to the hospital for pneumonia, and in 2 days got really sick. The infectious disease consult guy asked her if she had any pets, and she said a new pet bird from her kids. Her kids bought it on the black market so it never got its shots (or whatever the hell birds get). They gave her treatment for C. psittaci and she was 100% better in 3 days.

Then on House tonight, this asthmatic hispanic guy falls off the roof and has pneumonia. Then his hand turns gangrenous. After testing for fungi and bacteria, they can't find anything. Well it turns out he had been going to illegal cockfighting (roosters)! Because he was asthmatic, he inhaled some of the C. psittaci and he had bird chlamydia!

This freakin' rare disease has been following me all day!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Quotes from E! pre-show

The E! Emmy preshow features Star Jones, Carson Kressley, Kathy Griffin, and some E! ho named Giuliana.

Star: Giuliana isn't that cute? Debra messing has such a cute baby.
Giuliana: Yeah. Kathy Griffin do you have any children?
Kathy: No, I hate children. I think they're all selfish.

Giuliana: Carson what do you think of her jewelry?
Carson: All I can say is everyone loves a pearl necklace.

Carson: Who did your jewelry?
Heidi Klum: Um, I did! It's mine.

Menu for the week

Inspired by Mike, I thought I should work on my menu for the week before shopping!

Black beans and rice (Zataran's) with sausage. Chipotle Cheddar Biscuits

Leftover black beans and rice, salad

Baked Rotini with zucchini & spicy tomato sauce, salad

Leftover baked rotini, garlic bread

12-minute tomato soup, garlic bread

Basmati rice with peas, okra, and homemade curry sauce

Not as impressive as mike's, but it will do. :P

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Med Student Lunch

So after our 2 hour pathology lecture on urinary tract and male genital tract pathology, someone at lunch (table of 7) commented that she was disappointed we didn't see one picture. This somehow led to a discussion of how a few of the women had never seen an uncircumcised penis. "I want to see one! What do they look like?!" Well all of the men at the table were jewish and/or circumcised, but one demonstrated by pulling his jacket collar up to his ears. I suggested that one of them should demand that "when we learn to do the male genital/rectal exam, we should have two men - one circumcised and one uncircumcised to practice on!"

Somehow this led to a discussion of female genitalia and jews, which led to the invention of a new joke...

What is a jewish woman's favorite part of her gentalia?

A: Her labia menorah! ;)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Bye bye gold

Mr. T has decided to rid himself of his gold chains.

"Because of the situation we're in now (after Katrina), I told myself, 'No, T, you can never wear your gold again. ' It's an insult to God."