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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Llama song

Why did Cody send me this?

Monday, November 29, 2004

It's A Black Thang

African American Products And Gifts
Check out the Santa/Christmas stuff! I want it all. :)

Sunday, November 28, 2004


Fantasia MAC Makeup

J - baby if you want some they have it near me!

Even you can learn yiddish!

It's fun! :)

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Lamest Person Ever

That would be me...cause I went to this! (Just the 12:30 one) :)

Kimberly Locke Personal Appearance
Kimberly Locke, American Idol finalist, will perform your favorite holiday carols.

State Street
1st floor
Chicago, Illinois
November 27, 10:30am, 11:30am, and 12:30pm

She sang Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Santa Baby, and White Christmas. Her personal assistant looked like Carson. She had ghetto booty, along with half the people around me. One woman told me "bless your heart" when I leaned out of the way so she could take a picture. Three women shouted "okaaaaay!" when Kim sang "santa baby, I need a ring." All in all it was a fabulous 20 minutes.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Cutest Kitten Ever!!!

Rate My Kitten

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Panda handstand

Can you believe this???

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Just got this email. I've been waiting for her to email me! ;)

I have interested you very much.
My name is Irina. I would like to get acquainted with you. I never had similar experience of dialogue through the Internet, but I think that it will be very interesting to both of us. I will be happy to receive your answer to my e-mail: I ask you that you have written to me on this e-mail, differently I can't receive your letters. I hope, that it will be not big difficulty. I think that I was not mistaken in my choice and we become good friends. Unfortunately, I have not any my photo on this time, but I will send it to you with my following letter.
I wait for your reply with great impatience.
Sincerely Irina.

Washington Post Homo Controversy

The Post's Homophobic "Advertisement"
The Post's "Reply"

Monday, November 22, 2004

Point & Shoot

So in anatomy we learned that different nervous system components are responsible for erection and ejaculation. The parasympathetic nervous system does erection whereas the sympathetic nervous system takes over for ejaculation. Or as our Australian woman said "Just remember Point & Shoot for P and S nervous systems." :)

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Articles & Mo'

The Anti-magnet!
Christian Principal Whips Students
Lengthy NYT Article about Walmart
Live Free or DieBold
This is from Target?

Thursday, November 18, 2004


I have now seen the same diagram in anatomy for the last 3 lectures. Helen and I named it a "UFP" - see if you can guess what that stands for. ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2004

mm Arianna

ARIANNA ONLINE - November 11, 2004 - The Architects Of Defeat

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Sovereign entities :)

Election result maps

Election result maps

MoDo vs. Zell

New York Post Online Edition: gossip

Friday, November 05, 2004

Shirts Liberals Should Own

Post-election shirts
Betty Bowers captures it all:
Gays for Bush
Carpooling sucks
GOP Right to Life

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Things that make me happy

#3 need to buy me a present?
#5 gotta love the Brits
The googlebomb: Bush Mandate!

It is all starting to make sense...

America is more dumb than smart!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Interesting view on things
5 Stages of Grief
Bush Voters View of America
The new map of "America" or this one?

In relation to the new map...


Please consider our offer. The last 20 sane states in America would have much to offer:

A vibrant cofee and technology culture in the pacific northwest.
The biggest adult and conventional movie industries in the world in Southern California.
Real-life black people!
Two very competitive professional sports teams in New England, to make up for the one you're losing in Montreal.
All of the Ivy League Universities, with University of Toronto officially added in.
Both sides of Niagara falls!
Some of the finest cheeses (WI,CA) available anywhere.
Minnesota, which will officially be renamed "New Canada"
Wall Street, Sunset Blvd. and the Magnificent Mile.
Pretty much all the notable stock markets.
What are still very competent Auto and Airline Manufacture Industries.
At least 60 Nobel Laurates
More valuable currency
Stem Cell Researchers
Essentially all of the major television networks, and associated actors.
Many of the more recognizable hip-hop and R&B artists in the world."

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I keep seeing commercials for Alpacas and for no good reason. WTF!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Broward County Update!

(might I add I went to high school with Judge David Krathen's son!)
Republicans lose 11th-hour suit challenging Broward voter rolls

With less than 12 hours before the polls open, Republicans laid the groundwork for a possible legal challenge to the presidential election with an eleventh-hour lawsuit questioning the accuracy of the voting rolls in Broward County, the most heavily Democratic county in Florida.

In an emergency court hearing that ended at 8:30 tonight, Broward County Circuit Judge David Krathen ruled that the suit was groundless and he didn't want to ``micromanage the election.''

The suit, filed late Monday, argued that inaccuracies in the county's voting rolls will raise the possibility of fraud and double voting.

The party also challenged Broward County's procedures for poll watchers, saying that they keep Republicans from adequately monitoring the polls for people who are registered more than once, or who are ineligible to vote because they are felons.

''We haven't really seen the level of disparity in application of the law, or failure to follow it as we have in Broward County,'' said Hayden Dempsey, a former top aide to Gov. Jeb Bush who is now heading up the Bush-Cheney campaign team of lawyers in Florida. ``In our experience over the last two weeks it appears election laws and procedures have not been implemented on an even basis.''

Republican Party of Florida officials denied that their lawsuit was designed to interrupt voting in heavily Democratic Broward County.

Mindy Tucker Fletcher, senior advisor for the Republican Party of Florida, compared Broward County to Miami-Dade County, where officials there added extra voting machines in Hialeah after Republicans complained.

''Of the calls and affidavits we have taken in, they have been extraordinarily weighted toward Broward County,'' Fletcher said. ``It has been a significant source of frustration.''

Lawyers for the Kerry-Edwards campaign countered that Republicans could have pointed out potential problems with the voter rolls earlier in the elections calendar, and that Bush attorneys are resorting to last-minute legal maneuvering because they fear that the 2 million people who voted early in Florida are largely Democratic voters.

''The Republican Party has concluded that they are going to lose the state of Florida, and they are taking any measure they can to disrupt this election and prevent Floridians, especially in this key Democratic county, from exercising their constitutional right to vote,'' said Steve Zack, Florida general counsel for the Kerry-Edwards campaign.

Herald staff writer Gary Fineout contributed to this report.

The Beekeeper

This February Tori Amos will unveil two exciting projects -- a new CD entitled The Beekeeper (in stores February 22) and her first book, Tori Amos: Piece by Piece, co-written with journalist Ann Powers.

Currently, Tori is putting the finishing touches on The Beekeeper, which she's recording and self-producing in her UK studio Martian Engineering. On songs like "Sweet the Sting," "Sleeps with Butterflies," and "Ribbons Undone," Tori incorporates vintage organs, Afro-Cuban drums and Gospel choirs, working once again with longtime partners, drummer Matt Chamberlain and bassist Jon Evans.

Crazy Lady

So I've been sending my mother shit to read when she told me she was "undecided." Sure her vote doesn't matter cause she's in AZ. But I have to do something to combat the FoxNews-athon that my dad subjects her to. So she got Ron Reagan's case against W and a few other things.

Well today I got this lovely article from her. Just the text, so I don't think she knew where it was from. Or that the author is this classy fellow (Matthew Manweller).

So anyway, read the article. This is what I've sent back to her:

First, I hope you accidentally got this article and aren't a regular reader of, where it was published. That website is seriously scary and is about one step away from being the KKK/NRA.
Second, a political science professor at this tiny university whose bio says "Matt's decision to move to Ellensburg represents a lifelong effort to stay as far away as possible from any city with a population over 50,000" makes his opinion on things less important/powerful than just seeing "professor" led you to believe.

In response to his first point that "
we will announce to the world that bringing democracy to the Middle East is too big of a task for us," I think it's a horribly false assumption that Kerry doesn't intend to follow through with democracy for Iraq. It also forgets Bush went there for weapons, then to oust Saddam, then to free the Iraqis. The problem is not "us," the problem is Bush. Any intelligent objective observer will tell you that there may have been far more support if Bush was honest about the intentions from the start. Democracy was not the only reason he went to war, and war is not the only way to achieve a democracy. Plus, a huge coalition went against the Nazis because it was the right thing to do. Iraq is not the Nazis.

His second point is a bunch of hooey. I don't know much about Somalia, but there is no substance to his point other than "America will show it's weak to Bin Laden by electing Kerry." Bin laden didn't go after the Bush administration to get them overthrown, he went after America and what it stands for. So basically, he thinks we shouldn't bother voting because if we don't elect the right person it would show we're weak. But you can't simulataneously advocate for
democracy & free elections in the middle east while claiming that they're useless here. Also, to think that this guy, sitting in the middle-of-nowhere, Washington knows what the terrorists are thinking ("let's scare the americans into voting for Kerry") is laughable. It's just as likely, if not more so, that the terrorists are supportive of Bush because he helped them with recruitment and didn't attack Saudi Arabia or Iran (yet). Nobody knows. The opinion of who the terrorists "want to win" is really irrelevant because it's unmeasurable by even important experts in the field, let alone Joe Schmo at CWU.

On his last "point" (I use the term loosely because he's not a very good writer and just throws out emotional words to appeal to someone who isn't thinking too hard about the issues) he's basically saying that today's generation doesn't care about the war they're fighting. Instead of referring to the WWII generation, how about talking about the Vietnam Vets since that war is much much closer to the war in Iraq in every way? Nobody says the Viet Vets are bad people, or not a "great generation." They did what they did, they were pissed about it, and now there are dead and permanently wounded people because some powerful people were trigger-happy. I don't think they were any less great just because there wasn't a moral pathos to their fight. It's not their fault the war was basically pointless. But regardless, the people my age who are fighting in Iraq come home and have awful things to say about how it's going. They don't have armor, they don't see the point, they don't want to get reshipped out when their tour is supposed to end, they're told not to care about the civilians (Abu Gharib) and they're mostly poor minorities. If I was drafted to go to Iraq I bet you woul d have a very different opinion on whether I was "great" and democracy in Iraq was "worth my life." Manweller says "
You accept a set of values and responsibilities" when you're an American, and I think that is exactly the point. Freedom of speech, freedom to question authority, caring for others, telling the truth, helping your neighbor, treating others with respect, and many more are those values/responsibilities. The soldiers in Iraq are not even over there fighting to preserve these values. But if they were, exercising them by voting for a candidate who wants to preserve them is exactly how my generation will be the next great generation.