Scott's MD-PhD Adventure

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What should I do this week?

First Fridays?

Check out Carolina Caramel?

Sandra Bernhard?

Alinea Chef + NYT Food Writer Discussion?

Buy Kathy Griffin tickets?

Monday, February 26, 2007

What What

Janiece sent this video to me. It's not safe for work. Wow.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Roll Out

I'm visiting Mike in St. Louis.
This morning I wake up, and he's making Cinnamon Rolls.
"The dough recipe is from there, but I'm making a better filling"
Tonight we are heading out to Fried Chicken! :)

We wonder why I got skinny living apart.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yo Crunch - You Crazy?

Today I had an informal paper discussion with classmates at 2:30. I had gone to the suite for my pita&hummus sandwich I brought at 1:30, and Denise pushed some surprisingly good leftover salad and pizza on me, which I also ate. When I finally got to the group, I pulled out my Yo Crunch yogurt to eat.

Me: *pours in granola and stirs*
Ruiqing: You...mixed it in?
Yijie: You eat that together?
Me: It's yogurt and granola.
Shuyu: Why do they sell like that?
Me: It's to stir in, to add flavor and crunch
Ruiqing: And you like that?
Yijie: That is not your lunch?
Me: No, I've been eating throughout the day.
Ruiqing: Ok, cause you are skinny.

No Limitations

Bob is going to Cancun for 2 weeks vacation.

Me: It might be Spring Break for some college girls
Bob: Great! I'll enjoy the beautiful scenery. >:)
Me: Lili you know what we're talking about?
Lili: The break?
Me: Spring Break is just when college students have a week off and many go somewhere warm to drink and party.
Lili: Why do they go there?
Bob: Cancun is warm, and they want to party
Me: It's 21 to drink here, 18 in Mexico
Lili: It seems they will drink a lot?
Bob: There is probably lots of casual sex
Lili: How do their parents let them go?
Bob: Some don't, but some do go
Me: Yeah, they've had independence in college
Lili: But they are allowed to have sex?
Bob: Who's gonna say no?
Me: *laughs*
Lili: In China, you do not have sex until you are married. Males marry at 23, women at 22. It seems here...there limitations.
Me: Many Americans first have sex between 13 and 18.
Lili: How do they know what to do?? They are children!
Me: They figure it out.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More News & More Notes

So I've been listening to the African-American Roundtable podcast every day since I got my Ipod Nano back in September. I gotta have my Mary Francis Berry & Julianne Malveaux.

It's part of their show News & Notes, which has never been podcasted before, but well, today on the podcast, Farai Chideya told me personally that the whole News & Notes show will be available on podcast starting Feb 28! And best of all, she told me that my podcast subscription will automatically update and I don't need to do anything! :)

You down with ADP?

New Tori Album News!!!

Tori Amos to Release New Album American Doll Posse
It's on Rolling Stone too

I think the bangs and outfit are a little Anne Hathaway showing up for work with Meryl, but still, the album will be right in time for my birthday! :)
Let's hope, from the album title, there's at least one song making fun of American Girl Place. Stupid redbaggers.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cool down further

Lili: Look at the screen.
Bob: Ok, this is the wikipedia page on menthol. It says it's used in medicines
Lili: Right, but it is in mint!
Bob: Ok, but mint can mean the plant and leaf, or a flavor
Lili: The menthol and the mint, we have Chinese words which are the same
Bob: But they're two different things.
Lili: In China, we have the candy which tastes like this [the menthol cough drops]
Me: Candy here is not flavored with menthol! only mint
Lili: Look at the other page
Bob: Ok, this says spearmint does not contain menthol and is only used for flavoring
Lili: Palash said in India they have candy also tastes like this!
Bob: But here menthol is used in medicine.
Me: Right, if you put menthol on your skin, it gets cold. Mint doesn't do that
Bob: Menthol is an alcohol mint compound
Lili: The Chinese words are the same. And I like the candy.
Me: American children would not call menthol anything candy. It wouldn't be labelled cough drop!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cool down

Lili got some jelly beans which are in a glass jar, and she's been sharing them.

Lili: You want jelly bean?
Me: Sure
Lili: Here, have more candy too!
Bob: That's not candy!
Me: That's a cough drop!
Lili: No, it is candy!
Me: It's a Ricola cough drop.
Bob: It's medicine
Lili: No, it is candy!
Bob: It contains menthol
Me: It says cough suppressant on the bag of them
Lili: But it tastes like mint candy
Bob: Lili, only 2 things have menthol: medicine and cigarettes
Lili: But I like the taste
Me: You take it when you're sick Lili, not all the time
Lili: I like mint
Bob: It's menthol, not mint. They are different.
Lili: No.
Bob: Yes.
Lili: No.
Bob: Yes.
Me: This is really funny.
Bob: Are menthol and mint really the same word in Chinese?
Lili: No.
Me: Thanks for the jelly beans.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Joe sent it to me, and you saw it here first! Or second. Or maybe tenth:

Matt: is this the condi rice thing?
Me: lol
Matt: you know bitches have been sending me that shit all day
Matt: haha
Me: maybe ;)
Me: what else do gay boys like? ;)
Matt: haha
Matt: hilarious
Matt: i enjoyed it immensely

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Office: Medschool

Pretty funny, like a 7 or 8 out of 10.
Pitt Med's PBL shot like The Office.

FYI My skit, "The Office...of Student Affairs" will be funnier, and I thought of it before seeing this. :P

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Everything's Just Wonderful

Lily Allen was fun!
She played all 11 album tracks (I don't remember Take What You Take though, maybe she didn't play it?). 3 live trumpet/trombone/sax guys were with her - very nice.

A couple cover songs that I don't quite know - something by Keane, and another by a band whose album she said we should buy before hers. I'll update if I remember/read about it later.

She also sang some new song called "Absolutely Nothing" and a Bside "You're a window shopper" I think.

Funny parts:
After the main set - "I'm gonna go backstage for a minute. If you want me back, you know the procedure"

Before Not Big - "There's no easy way to say this...this is a song about small dicks."

Before Everything's Just Wonderful - "This song is about sticking it to the man! Bank managers! Mortgage lenders! Presidents! Prime Ministers! George W. Fucking Bush can lick my pussy any day!...I'm dedicating this to all those in Iraq. *giggle* "

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Morning After

Metromix is funny. Their current review of brunch places (including Yolk by me!) is based on the premise of "Where do you bring your trick after you wake up in the morning?"

Alright, Still

Lily Allen's album was reviewed on Fresh Air today. Listen here. It's a very good summary of why she's so awesome, if you still haven't heard it.
There was an interview with her in Metromix today too!

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Today is College of Medicine Research Day.
I heard phrases like:
"We have plenty of cookies, please take a whole plate"
"Come back for the awards ceremony - there will be plenty of wine!"
"Don't forget to take some chocolate covered strawberries...I paid $2 each for them from the catering company!"

Of course I brought spare things back for Lili & labmates...

Lili: This chocolate's...very delicious!
Me: Do you like that cookie?
Lili: Yes, what is the white?
Me: Those are white chocolate chips
Lili: Ah, I like them.
Me: Also, there are macadamia nuts in the cookie.
Lili: Yes, there are nuts.
Me: Right, do you know what they are?
Lili: No?
Me: They're popular in Hawaii
Lili: *holds piece of cookie* This is the nut?
Me: Yes
Lili: Ah! I do not know English name, but I know the nut.
Me: Ok, good
Lili: It seems the white chocolate, I like more. It's not as sweet as the black chocolate.
Me: Yes. I'm glad you like the cookie.

Monday, February 05, 2007

High Impact: Check On It

Drew Barrymore hosted SNL this weekend.
There was this funny 80s exercise video parody which I really enjoyed. "Ox-ah-nuh-jate"

It reminded me of the Estelle Getty workout video (which Kalyani bought as a jokegift for me). I tried to google it, and found this Estelle Getty/Beyonce mashup!


How do $19 tickets end up costing $34.75???
I hate them. Why is there a processing fee AND a convenience fee? Isn't it convenient for them to process my order online? And I have to pay more to print my tickets? I don't see how it's 2.50 worth for them to email me a pdf! Ridiculous!
Oh well, everything's just wonderful cause I'm going to Lily Allen.

Harriet Tubman and...?

Only the "Senior Black Correspondent" on The Daily Show could effectively pull off this postmodern, post-civil rights critique of Black History Month
Watch it and enjoy!

Friday, February 02, 2007


Lately I've been googling radio people's names, so I can click on Google Images and have a face for the voice.

Today I did Abby Ryan, the traffic reporter.
She has her own website! where she sells jewelry and quotes the Bible.
There's also some interview with her in Chicagoist.
And...she bikes to work! The irony!