Scott's MD-PhD Adventure

Friday, June 30, 2006

Practice Makes Perfect

I'm all for learning my clinical skills, but something about the catheterization trainer or prostate trainer is just a little bit creepy.
Who wants to buy me one?!?

So you think you're INDIAN?

Going with the theme of my last post, Joe shared with me the funniest Indian music video ever.
If anyone on So you think you can dance? pulls "indian music video" it would be the funniest fucking thing ever. I wanna see a choreographer shout "bob your head more!"

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

University of INDIANS and Chinese

That's my school's nickname (UIC). Is it true? Well I just got the following email to my list-serve. I don't know what half of these words are.

From: Lolonyo Hodogbey
Sent: Wednesday, 28 June 2006 9:57 PM
Subject: Usha Uthup Concert

My Dreams & Masti Presents...

Usha Uthup Live in Concert.
The Original Diva of Indian Pop Music sings in more than Thirteen Indian and Eight foreign Languages.

Date: Sunday July 9th 2006.
Venue: Schaumburg Prairie Center for the Arts
201 Schaumburg Ct
Schaumburg IL, 60193
For discounted tickets, please contact Dr Chakrabarty

ITunes Shuffle

#1 I forgot how fucking amazing Dear God by Sarah McLachlan is. It's a great athiest anthem.

#2 I never realized how fucking gay Tori Amos covering Kylie Minogue "Can't get you out of my head" is.

Really, is this necessary?

A website devoted to pictures like this:

Monday, June 26, 2006


Best news ever (today)
Tori Box-set collection!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's done

USMLE Step 1 is complete.
And for future reference, here's what I did not enjoy studying (aka Things I hate)

Pharmacology - it belongs at the top
Lung physiology equations
People who tell me my list is too long!
Adrenal gland hormone synthesis
Jerks who name multiple things after themselves (you know who you are Charcot!)
Bone cancers
Protozoas & Worms
Neural Crest derivatives
Lysosomal Storage diseases
Familial dyslipidemias

Fortunately I only had a couple protozoa and worm questions, and 1 was malaria.
I had nothing on adrenal hormones or bone cancers I don't think. Def had a few neural crest derivates and familial dyslipidemias. And some bullshit like "Ashkanezi Jew #1 wants to have a kid with Ashkanezi Jew #2. How would you council them?" or something. Of course the answer involved Tay-Sachs somehow.
Oh, and I had lots of pharm. :(
Scores in 6+ Weeks!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

"Cultural Competency"

So among the science-y stuff that I have to know to be a good doctor and pass my test, I also have to learn "cultural competency" which usually consists of a bunch of b.s. things that liberals know already and conservatives never will. I've always maintained that there's a line between learning about other cultures and cultural insensitivity, as evidenced by the following sample question from my USMLE practice test book:

66. Which of the following statements about Native Americans in the United States is true? They
(A) do not have a high suicide rate
(B) do not have a high alcoholism rate
(C) believe that mental and physical illness are interconnected
(D) do not believe in witchcraft
(E) have high socioeconomic status

How is this question anything but offensive?!?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bike Route of the Day

Today: almost 9 miles!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Saturday: 7.34 Miles

Sunday: 5.73 Miles

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Praise him!

I'm going to the Chicago gospel festival tomorrow!
I went to the Gospel Festival today!



"Gospel enthusiasts are invited to enjoy uplifting entertainment on Saturday and Sunday at the Walgreens Day Stage and the Gospel Youth Tent (open Friday 4-5:30 p.m., Saturday & Sunday 1-4:30 p.m.). Performances will feature local choirs, Quartets and more with hand clapping, foot stomping gospel music sounds sure to make this weekend inspirational."

Mike's hell

This would be the soundtrack/music video.