Scott's MD-PhD Adventure

Thursday, June 14, 2007

White & Nerdy

Completely out of nowhere...

Lili: What is nerdy?
Me: What?
Lili: I saw on television, the girl, she says guy is nerdy? I don't know that word
Me: Um...
Amy: (walking by) He wears white socks!
Me: I'm wearing white socks!
Bob: I'm wearing white socks!
Amy: His undershirt pops out and is up high and tight
Me: Well, that's the fashion part. *begins impression* He also talks in a super nerdy voice, which is also important.
Lili: So the word comes from nerve? It's nerve plus what?
Amy: It has nothing to do with that!
Me: There's also geek
Lili: Gawk?
Amy: Geek
Lili: What does that mean?
Amy: A geek is more into one specific thing, without knowing much about anything else. Like a computer geek.
Lili: That's my husband!
Me: There's also dork.
Lili: How you spell that? *writes down words*
Me: They are not cool.
Lili: That's...interesting
Amy: You need to look these up on Wikipedia
Me: They are based on like high school personalities and groups
Lili: In China, I go to the school, and everyone who goes there studies to go to University.
Bob: Right, here it's more mixed
Lili: Well, on TV, it looks to me the man looks normal
Me: You should rent a movie called Revenge of the Nerds
Amy: *laughs and walks away*
Lili: Ok. *writes it down*
Me: Don't you watch TV shows? What do you watch?
Lili: I like Friends
Me: Ok
Lili: So Ross?
Bob: He's kinda nerdy
Lili: And the Joey?
Bob: He's cool, not a nerd.
Lili: What about the Chandler?
Bob: He might be both
Me: So you know Microsoft? Bill Gates?
Lili: Yes, but not his picture
Me: Look it up. He is a nerd!
Lili: Bill gates...he is geek too?
Me: Yes
Lili: But not the dork?
Me: Not really


Sunday, June 10, 2007

World Naked Bike Ride

12:17:55 PM Me: omg guess what we did last night
12:18:15 PM Josh: no clue
12:18:43 PM Me: World Naked Bike Ride!
12:20:00 PM Josh: Less gas, more ass
12:20:01 PM Josh: heh
12:20:58 PM Josh: And it was fun?
12:24:13 PM Me: oh yes!
12:25:36 PM Me: i kept on my underwear (in purple). mike went naked.
12:27:30 PM Josh: I'm disturbed that you took the time to create a link for the underwear you wore.
12:27:44 PM Me: i strive for accuracy
12:27:53 PM Josh: you certainly do!

We of course shouted at people to take off their clothes. A man stood up in his open-roof convertible, and completely dropped his pants. A black woman lifted up her shirt from the passenger window of a white van and completely shook her breasts!

Video! New! I think I may be walking my bike and then hopping on at the end of the short video

The strangest part had to be the Lincoln Park pee break, where everyone kinda paused in the street, and people walked/ran/biked over to a random spot on the grass, in almost total darkness, and just stopped and peed. (to the right in photo)

And now for the quotes...

1. (frat boy on phone) Dude! There are naked people...on bikes!
2. (large Hispanic woman in car) Damn girl! You got a hairy-ass pussy!
3. (woman standing on street) You guys are awesome! There's just cock everywhere!
4. (lesbian riding with us) This is like the most penis I've seen in a year!
5. (some loser guy on the street) Fuck you people!
6. (a bunch of random people) What are you doing?!? Where are you going?!? Response from fellow rider: I'm eating a sandwich! (sarcasm, obviously)
7. (another frat boy) Where's the pussy!?!
After we went to CVS to get beer for the impromptu party. We had on shirts and underwear.
8. (black 20-something guy) Damn! I didn't know you could run up in here in yaw draws!
9. (another group of black men) Oooooeeeee! Why you out here in yo briefs?!?
10. (more black men) Where the party at? I can follow you guys! I got some rum and coke I finna bring.

RR Ruins Coffee

I go to get my coffee before lab meeting, at the closest place, which unfortunately is Dunkin Donuts. And what do I find?

Ugh. No, it's not a fucking word.


My tubes were in the freezer in this weird plastic jarcup thing.

Me: Bob, can you open this lid? Is there a trick? Or is it just frozen?
Bob: Sure. *opens it*
Lili: My apartment difficult to open, so I had to buy
special gloves. They are made of the plastic with lots of fiber. I
put them on and I can slide the window open or close.
Bob: Is it metal or wood?
Lili: metal
Bob: You may need some lubricant. *grabs bottle* Get some of this.
Lili: W...D....40? I just need a little bit?
Bob: Yes
Lili: Any store has it?
Bob: Yes - Walgreens, grocery store
Lili: Ok. I will try that.