Scott's MD-PhD Adventure

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Market Intelligence

World Market. 3:30 PM. Mike & I were in checkout lane #2. Black woman customer was in checkout lane #1 talking to Mika, the black female cashier (also spotted today at Target: Lorenzia !)

Customer: ...I just could not believe what she was saying.
Mika: Mm hmm!
Customer: Katie had asked her about the bailout, and she started talking about health care?!
Mika: Ok!
Customer: You know what?! I read the news for like an hour a day. I know more about the economy than she do!
Me (excited to jump in): She crazy!
Mika: Hahaha!
Customer: That's right! And not very intelligent. I mean I don't know everything, but I feel like I'm more intelligent than her. And people are excited about her because she's ignorant and proud of not being too intelligent.
Mike: It's just like Bush, and look how good that's been.
Mika: Yup!
Me: You know, when I go to the doctor, I always make sure I pick the one who knows the least.
Customer: Ha! For real!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Love Bob Garfield

Haven't posted in a while. Was at a wedding all weekend, and finally got to some podcasts on the way home.
If you don't listen to On The Media, you should. Usually I listen while pipetting, so it was nice to just sit and concentrate on the show. Bob Garfield and Brooke Gladstone do essentially some Daily Show style media analysis, but much more intellectual, obviously. The show covers the coverage of lipstick, economy fallout, etc. Especially with the ending of Justice Talking and Bryant Park Project, it's great to have a consistently awesome NPR podcast every weekend.
Then this morning, my RSS to Bob's AdAge column updated. Every week I'm amazed and amused by his writing. Definitely worth subscribing.
Oh, and he's responsible for ComcastMustDie too.
Therefore, I <3 Bob Garfield. :)