Scott's MD-PhD Adventure

Friday, August 18, 2006

Snakes that abstain!

Apparently there are a lot of potential sequels to Snakes on a Plane.
What's your favorite?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tell us how you really feel

I love Whitney Pastorek. Her writing makes me giggle, especially her piece about blogs. Even her biography is funny, which she clearly wrote herself.
This week, she did a chart review for the top10 songs from 2000.
Check it out.
9. Creed, ''Higher''
Okay, I think I'm ready to speak openly and honestly about Creed, in light of this, their first real pop-crossover hit. So. Set aside for a second that Scott Stapp is perhaps the biggest tool ever to walk the earth, with his Bono mullet and messiah complex and Eddie Vedder-lite vocals and addiction to painkillers or whatever it was that tanked his career. And forget for a minute that every video this band ever made involved them standing on a cliff or in a lake with wind sweeping through their thinning hair. Ignore the ''heavy''guitar riffs here that sound like someone's mommy didn't let him listen to enough Judas Priest when he was a kid so he's acting out now, except he's scared to really crank it to 11 lest his mommy tell him to keep it down. And finally, pretend that none of these lyrics are kind of about Jesus. What do you have left? A band that sold a bajillion records because of songs that you can probably sing by heart to this very day, despite your best efforts to block them out. Is that so bad? Unfortunately, yes. Yes, it is. I'm splitting this one into two grades: The song gets a C, because it is catchy and when taken alone it really is not as bad as I remember. But to make up for that, the entire existence of Creed gets a D-."

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I can hardly swallow it

I was randomly reminded of Celine Dion on Larry King after Katrina. It's almost a year since that. Anyway, it's the funniest thing ever today, from the greatest the world. Be sure you watch through the kayak gesture.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Make it work

Another fabulous Project Runway TV watch. It doesn't get bitchier than this.

A sample:
"Jeffrey's ode to Madonna was the first outfit this year that appeared quite literally not to have been designed for a human. Maybe there's a planet on which women are shaped like rectangles and can only attract males by disguising themselves as large red popcorn boxes. That must be the planet where neck tattoos are considered hot."

Saturday, August 05, 2006

This taste is...different

Like all labs, we have a chinese postdoc. Lili had mentioned last week that she had never had a root beer float, having only been in America a few years. On Friday, her root beer float cherry was popped. After taking her first sip, a very frightened face was followed by "This taste is...very different." Like all Asian people, she doesn't like things "too sweet."

She also shared the story about buying milk in december after she moved here. She apparently bought egg nog, thinking that is the milk you're supposed to buy at that time of year. "I put it on my cereal; it was not good. What do you do with it?"

All I could think was how happy I am that I don't have to eat shrimp cookie.