Scott's MD-PhD Adventure

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Places to eat near Steve&Shane

We always seem to be short on places to eat near them that aren't Cozy Noodles ;)
So I figured I'd blog them so we can find them on a Thursday night or any other night of the week. Then we can decide what we're in the mood for and it'll be a convenient location!

American - Uncommon Ground
American - Calliope Cafe
American - Erwin
American - Pepper Lounge

Deli - The Bagel
Diner - Stella's

Southern/Cajun - Wishbone
Barbecue - Smoke Country House
Cajun - Blue Bayou

Italian - Strega Nona
Italian - Angelina Ristorante
Italian - Pizza Rustica
French-Italian - socca
Crepes - La Creperie

Lebanese - Aladinn's
Middle Eastern Hookah - Samah
Moroccan - Anadalous Couscous
Turkish - A La Turka

Mexican - Cesar's Restaurant
Mexican - Platiyo
Mexican-Cuban - Cafe 28
Spanish-Cuban - Ambassador Caffe
South American - Vida
Tapas - Twist

Thai - Sweet Tamarind
Thai - TAC Quick
Thai - Jitalda Thai
Thai - Banana Leaf Kitchen
Japanese - Cafe Furaibo
Sushi & More - Katachi
Pan-asian - Satay
Noodles - Penny's
Noodles - pingpong

Caribbean - Islands
International Fusion - Rick's Cafe
Indian - Standard India

Ice Cream - Scooter's

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Quote of the Day

*after someone's phone rings "since you been gone" by kelly clarkson*

"Ohmygod no you didn't! Is that the radio version or the remix because my phone rings the remix version and you are just wrong if that's not the remix!"

(all said in one breath of course)

Can you tell it's pride weekend? :)

Friday, June 24, 2005


Sarah's coming!

Friday, June 24 - Cleveland(CLE) to Chicago Midway(MDW)

Flight 2262
Depart Cleveland(CLE) at 08:50 AM and
arrive in Chicago Midway(MDW) at 09:05 AM

Monday, June 27 - Chicago Midway(MDW) to Cleveland(CLE)

Flight 589
Depart Chicago Midway(MDW) at 04:10 PM and
arrive in Cleveland(CLE) at 06:25 PM

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ryan Seacrest's Star...for me to poop on!

This is such a good idea. And totally worth $50.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Oh Happy Day!

I went to the Gospel festival for 20 minutes this weekend.

Pictures are online here.
Might I recommend...

And I got a fan from the TLN people! Now I can fan myself when it's hot over the summer. :)

Sunday, June 05, 2005

That's my shit, that's my shit

Sara Ramirez won!