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Sunday, July 20, 2008

This is great

My dad requested we watch The Queens of Comedy after discussing yesterday how we both like black comedians.

Dad: How come there's no white people in the audience!

Dad: We've seen her before. On Def Comedy Jam. She and Precious. She's a riot

Dad: Scott How old is this tape? Cause I recognize the old Cadillacs

10:29 *Adele ends*
Dad: She was great!

10:30 *Sommore walks out*
Dad: Doesn't she look like Lena Horne?
Mom: Yeah. Have we seen her?
Dad: Yeah, on Def Comedy Jam. She's a trip!

10:52 *Sommore ends*
Dad: One more left, right?
Me: yes
Dad: The big one? This is great.
Dad: Are you kidding. I love this shit! I could listen to this all night!

10:53 *scene of the Queens in the general store*
Dad: The white lady in the back, she has no idea what's going on. She's scared. She's shaking. That's funny. Val! There's a white lady. She's shaking!

Miss Laura: What can I say about this sister except she's the sweetest, craziest girl I know?!
Dad: She is!
Miss Laura: Welcome, Queen Mo'nique
Mom: Everybody's name is Queen?
Dad: She's great!
Mom: You know her?
Dad: I've seen her before. She is the best.

Dad: Val you ok? You falling asleep?
Mom: No, not at all
Dad: Yeah right! This is great!

Mo'nique: A white bitch knows when to shut up, and say say "Peter...I'm sorry"
Dad: Peter?!

Dad: Hey Val! Can you see anyone in [our neighborhood] watching this show? Huh? Nobody!

11:07 *Interstate BBQ*
Dad: What is that shit? Is that ham?
Mom: Bologna!

11:16 *Mo'nique mentions butt fucking*
Dad: *turns back and looks at me 3 times. says nothing*

11:19 *Mo'nique discusses rimming*
Dad: Hear that Val?!

11:21 *Mo'nique ends*
Dad: She's the best. She is great! You gonna go get ready for bed Val?

11:24 *DVD ends*
That's it huh? I'm tired. I'm going to bed. I'm wiped. It's late. That's it! Time to go night night.



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