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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hallo-wed

I walk in this morning after saying yesterday that I would dress up.

Lili: You don't have costume!
Me: Yes I do. Hold on. *takes off jacket*
Lili: Oh! You have tie!
Me: Yes. Do you watch The Office?
Lili: No what's that?
Me: I'm a character on that TV show named Jim
Lili: Oh! Ok!
Me: Let me find a picture. *google image search*
Lili: He was you know the movie...he and his wife, they want to get married, but they have to meet first and do these tasks.
Me: I think I've heard of it. What's it called?
Lili: I do not know the name.

10 minutes later

Lili: I remembered the name! License to the Wed!



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