Scott's MD-PhD Adventure

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Bomb

Somehow I frequently end up on the southbound red line car with 6 loud semi-tranny black gay guys from Paris is Burning. Going home friday night, most of what they were saying could not be made out because of the volume and pitch and sass, even though everyone else on the car was laughing. I did manage to catch one snippet where the skinny 16 y/o wearing a pink shirt, white shorts, pink bandana, and a bedazzled drawstring bag was arguing with a 17 y/o seated mini Kenan Thompson.

kenan: You really like him?
skinny guy: Yes!! He is the bomb! Just like Huh-ROE-shih-mah!
kenan: Girl! We are not friens[sic] no more! How you gon' say it like that! It's Hee-roe-SHEE-ma!
skinny guy: Whatever!


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