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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Animal Ethics Ethics

I did my mandatory online state ethics training during my mandatory animal ethics course this morning.

Today's topic: mouse breeding & colony management.

When the female is in estrus, she's receptive to the male.

I like to wean for 28, not 21 days, they're more well-rounded mice that way

C57/Blacks...they're not the best mothers.

Some people like to put 1M:1F. I don't think it's very productive - there's not enough animals in the cage. Polygamous works much better. 1M:2F and you don't get cages too crowded.
Harem mating: 1M:multiple F. Only do this temporarily.

Sometimes if the mice won't breed, they want some privacy. We cover the cage in a pillow case and that seems to work.

Toe clipping is not allowed unless justified by your animal use protocols.

Here is a clipart photo from the online training:


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