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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Three Happiness

Mike and I went to Three Happiness tonight in Chinatown.
We got a giant-ass bowl of "chicken and sweet corn" soup for 3.95. I had "breast of chicken in phoenix nest" which consisted of stir-fried chicken with fresh vegetables in a taro-root fried bowl. Imagine a funnel cake-like thing made of taro root slices, and folded up like one of those taco salad bowls. Super tasty! Mike of course had mixed seafood over thin noodles, which were very good.

The waitress, being Chinese, didn't really know how to say "is everything ok, can i get you anything?" so we were asked "do you need anything to drink?" (while we had water and tea) 3 times - in the beginning, during our soup, and during our entree. She also described my phoenix nest as talo loot! :)

On the way back from Chinatown (which is on the south side), homeless guy came onto our car, asked me what I was holding (a fortune cookie wrapper), then said to the white 50-year old husband&wife near me "I'm sorry to interrupt, but your wife, she is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." Husband held on tighter to wife. Meanwhile, homeless woman comes on and loudly asks the train for money cause she is hungry. Homeless guy yells at her, "Hey! I'm working this train!" She stares him down, and he leaves to the next train.


At 4:47 PM, Blogger SeasonsofLove82 said...

Survival of the fittest, man.


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