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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Fo Shizzle

This is an actual email I just got from the M2 Social Chair...

Whazzup clazzass
Emm dee equals pass
The end of the semester
Yea we gotta throw a bash

Put away that stash
Of books y'all flash
In Edezzelstone
Cause we got a party to crash

Angina of the chest
Coagulative necorsis
IHD of the left

Now if you get pissy
Drop the diuretics missy
Inhibiting ACEs
Like my name was Agassi

Forget about pathizzle
Pharmizzle and Clinizzle
Infizzection and Immunity
G. lamblia fo shizzle

Done with cardiac arrhythmics
Pharm may have been cataclysmic
We got Sweet Dreams now though
Cause we're like the Eurythmics

Now don't change that dizzle
At 10 pizzle mizzle
Avons un fete a Le Passage
Four dolla drinks to drizzle

Who down with UIC
Yea you know me
Show that I to the Dizzo
And you get in for free

Target the M2 scene
Like Amantadine
Spleen so megaly and phat
It makes Santa lean

Endotoxin and digoxin
Vaccines for smallpox an'
Give em some epineph
So everybody gets rocksin!

See ya there!
MC GKG (Da G Spot)

Le Passage
Oak & State
Bring Your ID
$4 drinks - top shelf
10 PM
(you can thank the one hr of sleep for the rapping)


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