Scott's MD-PhD Adventure

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Is that how you like it?

There was a group crossword puzzle-doing at Cruisaboo:

Clue: "not quite in last place"
Letters: I _ T _ E _ _ _ _

Me: "In the back? In the rear?"
Cruisaboo person: "Is that how you like it?"


Friday, August 19, 2005

eeetz eeetz

Today's clinical pathophysiology lecture was on "street drugs of abuse"

After 10 minutes of going over the properties & mechanism of ecstasy (3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine or MDMA), in addition to its symptoms, history, areas of usage, and physical clues for usage, our professor went to his next slide that said "Most predictive factor of drug use = CLUB MUSIC!" featuring pictures of people clubbing.

Then, he minimized power point and demonstrated for us the type of loud electronic dance club music he was referring to (with the windows media player trippy sound viewer). While this was on and we all laughed, he started digging around below the instructor podium. He then pulled out a (turned on) red lava lamp and placed it on the podium. He fidgeted some more and pulled out one of those like electro-shock orbs but it was flat and had neon lights that went with the music. Then he dug around again, for like 20 seconds, and finally, I'm not kidding, a giant cloud of fog came up and out towards the first rows. The man had a fog machine! That is seriously the best intralecture break we've ever had.

Oh, and he threw snickers to anyone who answered a question correctly. We voted on whether the answer deserved a mini-size or a regular/king size.

Miami, you're cuter than...

"IgM cannot cross the placenta. If you have a baby with a very high IgM level at birth, there was an interuterine infection that caused the fetus to make it's own."
Infection & Immunity today

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


SAMSA, the South Asian Medical Student Association (really it's the Indian club, but I suppose Sri Lanka and some of those other countries count so they call themselves South Asian) had their first lunch meeting today, during which, they sold shirts.

Their shirts are a parody of the UPS shirts. It's a brown shirt with the yellow UPS logo, except the logo says UIC instead. And under the logo is:
"What can brown
do for you?"
with a little ^MDs next to the word brown

Should I be offended for them?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Porn in peace

(Eric, who managed to accidentally hookup with an internet porn boi, who had a few photo sets taken of him)

Eric: omg hes everywhere
Scott: who?
Eric: scott2. i just want to download porn in peace!!!


My parents were dragged to their first ever PFLAG meeting (yes I came out over 5 years ago). There's a new neighbor who has a 30-something gay son and she's a big pflag parent. The son and his man are both lawyers.

Quotes from my mother:
"The new neighbor, she wore this rainbow necklace and a pflag shirt and she has a rainbow welcome mat and rainbows all over her house. she really likes them."

"there was this transgendered woman there and she used to be a man and she had 2 kids back then but now she had some surgeries to be a woman. But i have to say...she needs some more surgeries because she's not a very good woman"


"Antibodies are able to recognize a huge diversity of antigens because of the genetic rearrangements that happen. This is called generation of diversity, or g.o.d. So it's because of god that our antibodies are so efficient...I tend to be sacrilegious from time to time."
~ New Infection & Immunity Professor

India Independence Day

So the other day ago, yesterday in fact, on my first day of classes, I notice there's a row of people wearing green. Then I noticed they were all Indian (Neil, Shifali, Hamsi, etc.). Well it turns out it was India Independence Day (I asked if St. Patrick's Day was moved, but I was wrong). It also turns out only like half of them knew that and wore green for that purpose. Oh yeah, and I was wearing green too. In fact 3 people asked me why everyone was wearing green (before I knew it was India Independence Day).

Friday, August 05, 2005

Fat Chance

Mo'nique discusses her new show on NPR...and makes you laugh :)